Nov 20, 2011

Black Beauty

Black beads with silver metallic thread met In this 3D tatted necklace and earrings set.

Red Berries

I used light gold metallic thread and several different sizes of glass beads in this 3D tatted set.

Several years ago, I bought "Beads and Tatting - Ankars Technique" book which has different technics on how to use beads while tatting. Afterwards, I have been working on 3D tatting. I made several three- dimensional lace tatting necklaces and earrings and I also have pictures of the most recent ones.

Nov 16, 2011

Fleur de Lis

I tatted around the silver fleur de lis pendant using the DMC silver metallic thread. I love the result as, lace edging makes the pendant look very authentic.

Nov 9, 2011

Black Pearl

I love tatting with using different size of beads.

Black Button


Literally this was a button. I loved the size and the shape, after I took it out the button hook from the back   I tatted around the button with the gold color metallic tread and seed beads, and I attached the pendant to cordon  that I made by using one of the crochet technic.   

Milky Brown


This pattern is from Antique Pattern Library  , first of all I found these beads I love this color and shape of the beads but it was hard to find the pattern for the elliptical shape of beads. This pattern and beads are perfectly matched.

Double Face


Besides other craft making technic I love knitting too. I knitted by using silver metallic tread and 6 mm bicone purple and white beads in this set. If you look at that bracelet you can see both side. 

Close-up picture shows more detail.

Black Loops


I got this image from my scanner. I love this result.

Red With Silver

I changed little bit my first design (Purple With Silver) for flat red beads.

Purple With Silver

I used flat beads,seed beads and DMC silver metallic tread. You have to be careful when you tatting with this kind a thread, because, tread is not that smooth and also very delicate. Anyway I love this tread, any color beads looks elegance on that tread.

Nov 8, 2011

Romanian Point Lace

Couple years ago I made this necklace, I used different technics, crochet, embroidery and Romanian point lace technic. I want to make another one different color like black or white or both.

Purple Loops

This set is one of the classic pattern of shuttle tatting.

Pink and White

This necklace and earring tatted in size 5 DMC cotton tread and glass seed beads.  The result is lovely.

Hot Pink

Pink tread and silver color beads combination is lovely! I am making earrings too.