Sep 17, 2015

Green Jade

Modern and elegant…. I’ve tatted lace bail in polyester thread with gold seed beads. The matching earrings complete the look.

Royal Jasper

I designed and tatted the necklace "Royal Jasper" and matching earrings in polyester thread brown and cream tones, and  I used more than five types of beads, crystals and natural green- brown jasper.

Gothic Style Pendant

I adopted this piece from vintage doily edge, and tatted in cotton thread with jet black crystals and metal beads.

Tatting Earrings Collection

I shuttle tatted the earrings, using polyester thread (you can find in my Etsy shop) combined with glass beads and crystals.


Elegant, this is my own design which I shuttle tatted of silk thread with milky opal white crystals and silver pleated seed beads.

Black Diamond

I'have  made cuff bracelet adapted from table clothes edging pattern in silk thread and delict beads.

Turquoise Waves

Turquoise waves necklace was adapted from vintage edging pattern... I shuttle tatted the necklace in Turkish polyester thread  with Japanese seed beads and turquoise tear drop beads.