Feb 19, 2013

Rose Garden

After working about a week of tatting, I finished my new choker necklace design. Im really happy with the result. This pattern is a basic tatting technique. I mean no tricky technique but it needs little bit more attention for counting.

I am really glad to make this with white color. It brings the imitation roses and leaves out nicely, but if you make a mistake in your lace, you need to make a decision about undoing or cutting your work. If you decide to undo you have to be  careful about  it  because white color threads  can get  easily dirty. 

I used high quality cotton thread in white this necklace. The necklace has  adjustable chain and clasp so, It can be worn high like a choker or you can wear it lower like a necklace. 


  1. I love it! Great design! I wonder how you made the leaves...

  2. This is so so beautiful , very elegant. I love how you've used beads to create the leaf veins - very clever ! :-)