Sep 17, 2012

Milky Way

Crocheted, multi-strand necklace is beads on illusion cord. Necklace consist of faceted, and glass seed beads with silver tone details and clasp, hook-and- eye. You can also wear it twisted.

Blue Lily


Artistic Wire Mesh is a permanently colored copper wire woven into a mesh tube that's been flattened. Wire lace is fun to use and versatile.
This unique, unusual and beautiful necklace is my recent design.

This lovely necklace is  light- weight and very feminine in appearance. Despite its lace-like feel and appearance, wire mesh is durable, waterproof and heat resistant. 
I created this necklace and earrings set using artistic wire mesh, 24g artistic non-tarnish wire, sapphire glass rondel, sapphire glass AB rondel, glass crystal/sapphire rondel, fresh water white and fresh water sapphire pearls. 

Sep 16, 2012

Wiggle Wire


Teal blue glass pearls, crystals and small teal crystals threaded on wiggle wire. Wonder wiggle wire is the brand name of a preformed and colored wire. It is  composed of seven strands of stainless steel wire, twisted together and permanently shaped into a unusual wavy pattern.
The length of the necklace is 18 inches.

Peridot Pearl

The beads are in various sizes and shapes to include peridot real fresh water pearls and emerald iris glass  fire polish beads. The necklaces crocheted with the non-tarnish gold artistic wire . The necklace is finished off gold end cap with clasp.

Teal Green Crystal Pendant


This beautiful one- of -a kind necklace has been made of three different shades of glass faceted round teal ombre luster beads.
The pendant is diagonally 1, 3/4 inches, made with  RAW technique (Right Angle Waving); Crystal pendant can be removed from the chain.

Anatolian Needle Art

 "Oya" (Traditional Turkish Needle Lace Technique)
This is a unique handmade necklace, made by using needle lace flowers wrapping on the viking knitted green wire, and crocheted wire with peridot glass beads and yellow pearls.
This set includes matching earrings. 

Olive Green

An interesting pearl dangle necklace in beautiful olive green shell with a matching set of piercing earrings. The oval rice pearls shimmering on the surface of open circles. The necklace is finished off with bronze twisted connectors and lobster clasp

Blue Eyes

I was inspired to give this name by the ceramic aqua beads.
These beaded beads dangle necklace are crocheted from Czech seed beads in white color. I used ceramic beads, swarovski crystals and, shell beads in beaded beads. The necklace is finished off with lobster clasp, end caps in silver metal finish.
This set includes matching earrings. 
Length: rope and chain 24’’ , dangle 3’’.

PS. I'll share a picture tutorial of this necklace soon; just keep visiting my blog.


These little guardian angels are made of glass beads and silver wings. The angel's skirts are milky organic white glass beads.
This set includes matching earrings.