Nov 16, 2014


I have finished tatted lace, three pieces jewelry set. Timeless bright red color beads are used in silver metallic thread.
I used antique pattern to make the necklace and I adapted the pattern to make the bracelet and the earrings.

Nov 2, 2014

Blue Jade

Cotton or polyester threads are perfect for tatting, they are so smooth and tightly twisted. I also love metallic threads in lace jewelry.
Unfortunately, there is no metallic thread made just for tatting, so you need to spend more attention to working with the metallic thread. Anyway, I love metallic thread effects.

The earrings and the hand accessory are tatted in silver metallic thread with blue jades, blue and clear crystals.

Oct 30, 2014

Dainty Tatted Lace Bracelet

This is the matching bracelet for the "Dainty Lace Choker" necklace.  I used the same modified motif and some wire-wrapped bead links.

Sep 26, 2014

Dainty Lace Choker

The original motif was a vintage dresser scarf pattern. I modified the motif and tatted as a choker necklace. I used Lizbeth size 10 thread and black faceted crystals in this necklace.

Sep 2, 2014


I designed and shuttle tatted this necklace in polyester thread and I used black diamond crystals and grayish green rondelles in different sizes and shapes. 

The necklace is containing more than 600 crystals.

The necklace has adjustable chain and clasp so, it can be worn high like a choker or you can wear it lower like a necklace.

Aug 29, 2014

Mystery Vine

My newest creation was ready to be worn. After days of work "Mystery Vine" is came. 

I shuttle tatted in metallic and polyester threads and added beads while working.

Aug 27, 2014

Green Striped Jasper

The Green Striped Jasper is a good size natural stone and make perfect pendant. Brown-bronze wire combines with colors in the stone nicely. 

I wire wrapped and accented it with turquoise and bronze beads. The pendant hung from a Viking Knit “chain”.

Aug 25, 2014


I need to be less lazy about taking pictures of my products and posts on my blog. I have three more items to post.

This color combination is classic and beautiful. My original design is done with perfect shade of mystic royal blue crystals and metallic silver thread. 


Chaorite is called a “Stone of Transformation” and is a stone of power. 

I bought several gemstones from the bead show but Charoite was more expensive than other beads. The reason is;
It is a rare mineral and it is only found in a single location in the world, Russia. That’s why is called Russian Chaorite. It is very beautiful stone... 

I tried some different designs for this gemstone but it didn't fit any of them because of the bead sizes. Finally, I decided to use this pattern and I am pleased with the result.

Jul 15, 2014


I finished a new original tatting necklace and earrings set. I've completed the necklace by using the "Lacy Life Swirl" motifs.  

I shuttle tatted with polyester, metallic, silk threads combination and I used silver night color Swarovski crystals in different sizes.

The beaded extender gives flexibility that can be worn high like a choker or you can wear it low like a necklace.

Jun 24, 2014

Opera Night

My new, original design tatting lace necklace and earrings are ready for any occasion to be worn, taking a couple weeks to complete it.

I might have to add a matching bracelet to this set later on. The bracelet pattern still is a sketch in my drawing notebook.

I said “new original design” but actually I corrected that, I modified my earlier “ Butterfly” necklace pattern. 
I've used Lizbeth size 10 in black cordonnet, cube square crystal glass beads.

May 28, 2014

Aqua Terra Jasper

I bought this beautiful stone at the bead show. 

Impression Jasper is one of the names for this beautiful stone that is called “Natural Aqua Terra Jasper (meaning Water&Earth)”, as well as “Variscite”. 

This original design tatted lace necklace combining tatting, natural Aqua Terra Jasper, silk faceted crystals, amber fire polished crystals, gold linen glass seed beads and  grayish green Japanese seed beads, Altin Basak in chocolate brown metallic and Lizbeth mocha brown thread…

May 8, 2014

Butterfly Kisses

I slightly modified the butterfly pattern that I found visual pattern in a Russian tatting book on picasa web albums,
and, I made a 3D beaded butterfly.

I tatted 3-D butterfly in white Altin Basak polyester thread with gilt-lined white opal seed beads, pearls and swarowski crystal clear faceted column bead.
The necklace containing three strands,133 crystal white swarovski pearls. 

I completed the set with a pair of matching earrings and a slave bracelet.

May 4, 2014

Summer Night

Pink and burgundy combination; pink is flirty and fun while burgundy adds a dramatic elegance. 
I designed and shuttle tatted "Summer Night” lace necklace and earrings. I used tatting and ankars techniques in this pieces.
I tatted with polyester threads with pink quartz, freshwater pearls in dyed burgundy, Japanese seed beads and faceted crystals.

Apr 16, 2014


I haven’t posted in awhile because, I was on the KHOU News two weeks ago. Great Day Houston producers selected me as one of the featured local artist participating 43rd Bayou City Arts Festival in Houston. The show and the festival went very well. 

After the event, I started to make a new inventory for the next one. I have already several designing ideas, but you know that it takes plenty of time. "Symphony"  is the one of them and it is my original design.

I tatted with two strands of polyester threads in blue and pale silver color with fire polished opaque Amazon blue rondelle, fresh water pearl, fire polished faceted black diamond crystals and faceted round smoky quartz beads.  
Three round, Genuine Amazonite are used in focal motif.

Feb 28, 2014


The same tatting pattern is used in a different style of necklace. I love this pattern. Sophistication and style is shown in this tatting necklace and matching bracelet.