DIY Spool Thread Drawer Organizer

How I organized my threads? 


-foam board
-card board
-hot glue
-dry cleaner pants hanger
-acrylic paint (optional)
-round faux pearl beads (optional)

Measure the inside of your drawer and trim a piece of cardboard to nicely fit inside for base 

Figure it out how many rows (steps) you will be needing. You also need to consider the sizes of your spools.

Cut foam board but do not cut through the line for the flap. Fold inward so that you have a "L" shape. Repeat for as many as you need.

Make holes for dowels...                                          
Use thick paper tube as a dowel rod

Cut up the paper tube to make dowels and make any adjustments necessary to have them straight before glueing 

Next, apply hot glue to foam board edges, then place it onto the cardboard


Glue the faux pearls at the top of dowels 

Thread spools holder with and without dowels are ready to insert into the drawer and ready to organize all your lovely threads!



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