Aug 28, 2013

Celtic Red Daisy

(Motif Six)

I modified the pattern by Mrs. W. M. Odum, called Tatted Daisy. I shuttle tatted high quality mercerized cotton in variegated, solid red thread and red seed beads. This pattern is very tedious and time consuming, because of the chains.

The wire work components and shimmery glass beads add a delicate, lacy feel and beautiful color balance to tatted pendant.

I utilize a wire jig and also do free hand turning in the construction of my wire designs. The wire has tarnish protective coat.

Aug 22, 2013

Autumn Blooming

(Motifs Four and Five)

Another design created from my old pieces "Verbena".  Turquoise and brown make such a beautiful pair of colors. The cool richness of the turquoise and the warm depth of a brown compliment . This two shuttle tatted necklace is my own original, I used Lizbeth cotton thread in Fudge Dk.
And also, I made matching earrings.

Aug 9, 2013

Tatting Lace "Verbena" Pendant

Inspired by one of the crochet pieces from my mom's doily collection. This very intricate design is hanging from matching my own beaded chain. 

I designed and shuttle tatted this pendant Lizbeth size 10 in silver color. A mix of pearls, czech glass beads and seed beads adorn the chain.

I will make a pair of matching earrings  soon.

Rosette Tatted Pendant

I designed and shuttle tatted this pendant in 100% rayon viscose thread. Very silky threads is 3 ply, that is almost same thickness as DMC size 5. 

There is a coral shell bead at the center and Swarovski beads add sparkle of a rosette lace pendant.

If I compare to cotton and the rayon threads;

Working with the rayon thread is almost the same as cotton thread, but the knots looks little bit loose, that's why you need to pull little hard. 

Another thing is when you close a ring, you should be pull gently, because the rayon thread binds making it harder to close ring. It requires frequent unwinding in use.

In my opinion, very luscious colors rayon thread is good enough to make a beautiful and sturdy lace