Aug 29, 2014

Mystery Vine

My newest creation was ready to be worn. After days of work "Mystery Vine" is came. 

I shuttle tatted in metallic and polyester threads and added beads while working.

Aug 27, 2014

Green Striped Jasper

The Green Striped Jasper is a good size natural stone and make perfect pendant. Brown-bronze wire combines with colors in the stone nicely. 

I wire wrapped and accented it with turquoise and bronze beads. The pendant hung from a Viking Knit “chain”.

Aug 25, 2014


I need to be less lazy about taking pictures of my products and posts on my blog. I have three more items to post.

This color combination is classic and beautiful. My original design is done with perfect shade of mystic royal blue crystals and metallic silver thread. 


Chaorite is called a “Stone of Transformation” and is a stone of power. 

I bought several gemstones from the bead show but Charoite was more expensive than other beads. The reason is;
It is a rare mineral and it is only found in a single location in the world, Russia. That’s why is called Russian Chaorite. It is very beautiful stone... 

I tried some different designs for this gemstone but it didn't fit any of them because of the bead sizes. Finally, I decided to use this pattern and I am pleased with the result.