Sep 29, 2013

Yellow Tulips

(Motif Ten)

I created a new tatted earrings . The "Yellow Tulips" is my original design. I shuttle tatted earrings in Daffodil Field color DMC Pearl cotton thread working in Czech beads while making. This is a diagram of how to tat the "Yellow Tulips"

Sep 22, 2013

Sultan's Style Necklace

Sultan's style shuttle tatted necklace is made from a large, tear drop shaped  natural African Opal Jasper.

Natural African Opal Jasper has been encapsulated by tatting in Turkish( Altin Basak) gold metallic and the polyester in gray-green thread with matching colors and fire polished faceted crystals.

I also used brown smokey quartz beads in the necklace.

Sep 13, 2013

Romantic Daisy

(Motif Eight)

This "Romantic Daisy" is another modification of the Mrs. W. M. Odum's Tatted Daisy pattern. 
The combination of the brown and pink creates a romantic feel.
I shuttle tatted Lizbeth size 20 in medium mocha brown, light dusty rose and white color. The pendant is attached to a lovely beaded necklace.

Sep 5, 2013

White Flower

(Motif Seven)

Another flower pendant... 
This one is my first experience with shuttle tatting over a ring. The "White Flower" is my original design. 
The motif was shuttle tatted in white mercerized cotton thread. Pink glass, seed beads, metal beads and a mix of glass pearls compliment the pendant.